OK, everyone breath in…phew! we got through…

Well, everyone agreed it was a bit of a damp squib. The ‘dry-run’ for the wind turbine delivery made it through the winding, twisting, narrow,  single-track road to Achiltibuie without much of a hitch. Photographers hoping for dramatic shots of wheels hanging over precipitous drops had to go home disappointed. Yes, there will have to be a bit of ditch-filling and the odd rock shifted, but nothing too difficult and the delivery firm went away well satisfied with conditions.

The dry-run truck dwarfed by our landscape.

With that milestone now past, the project moves on to consider matters relating to connecting the wind turbine to the National Grid – discussions are already under-way and a number of options are being considered. There are still a few steps to be taken before a planning application can be made, at which time the community will have a chance to see and consider all the information gathered.

So far we’re on track to deliver the community benefits of a sustainable and dependable income for at least the 20 year lifetime of the project.

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