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Our project is on track to start delivering energy to the National Grid and money to Coigach’s coffers in March 2017. With that deadline in mind our project managers Locogen Ltd are working back from it to ensure everything slots into place. To maximise the income for the community from our single turbine we have reduced the output from our original plan of 900kW to 500kW. This may sound counter-intuitive but the payment per kilowatt of power generated is much higher for turbines up to 500kW. We’re all very busy on day-to-day dealings with the project and are grateful to Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Community Energy Scotland and Scottish and Southern Energy for their ongoing support and funding.

The cuts in support for onshore wind projects announced by the Westminster Government will fortunately not affect our project as we are far enough advanced and of a smaller scale than those they targeted. It remains to be seen whether the agreements reached at the Paris climate change summit last week will see the UK Government reverse some of its recent and regrettable undermining of the country’s low-carbon ambitions.

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