It’s blowy out there…

Here’s a couple of interesting graphs on this day of gales, taken from the data that is recorded from our turbine, Varuna, sent to Denmark for analysis and then back to us here in Achiltibuie! Just a small selection of the data we get, it shows wind speeds and electricity generation since the beginning of the month.

Here’s the wind speed:

You can see Storm Caroline hitting us overnight and with windspeeds at Varuna now generally in excess of 25m/s which is 55mph or Beaufort Force 10.

So, how much electricity does all this generate?


You can see that Varuna has been doing her thing well so far this month. Generation starts when the wind speed is around 5m/s and she’s been going flat out generating a steady maximum of 500kW for most of the last two days. Now, however, you’ll see she’s generating nothing. Blown over? No! At wind speeds above 25m/s the turbine blades are feathered and it stops turning. This is a safety precaution to prevent damage and it happens automatically; when the wind drops for a set period the blade pitch will adjust again so the wind will once more turn the rotor and generation will recommence.

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