Our Turbine

The choice of turbine is a matter of matching the local wind characteristics (the so-called “wind regime”),  the technical profile of available wind turbines and the capacity of the local grid to accept electricity. Other considerations which are independent of these three inter-related factors include the turbine’s visual characteristics, costs (capital and maintenance), income projections, physical logistics (getting it to Achiltibuie!), dependability, etc.

On balance, and in the light of the information currently available,  CWP considers that the turbine most likely able to best meet our needs is the Enercon E44. Rated at 900kW this is a modest sized turbine considerably smaller than the 5MW (5,000kW) giants typical of  current wind farm developments. We feel a turbine of this size fits well within our landscape which is dominated by big skies, long views, rugged ‘inselberg’ mountains, and everywhere the sea and islands. And when the turbine is seen in the landscape, clearly associated with the settlement which hosts it, we feel it communicates a positive message about our community – this is no windfarm enriching distant speculators and big business, it is patently the property of an active, vibrant community working together for a better future.